Casali Chocolate Banana Giraffes

Enjoy Casali Giraffes!

These giraffes are exceptional: Fruity, tender banana foam of the Casali Chocolate Banana Giraffes is wrapped in exquisite chocolate. Each Chocolate Banana Giraffe contains only the finest fair-trade ingredients, such as banana pulp and chocolate. It shows in the taste: The 8% real fruit content in the filling makes our Chocolate Bananas a particularly fruity experience, which is wonderfully enriched with cocoa roasted by us. And that without any artificial colours or preservatives. Moreover, our Chocolate Banana Giraffes are legally classed as gluten-free ("Regulation (EC) No 41/2009 with a gluten content of less than 20 mg/kg). The Casali Chocolate Banana Giraffes are packaged in environmentally friendly, recyclable 140 g cardboard. After all, we value naturalness and sustainability.

Schoko-Bananen Giraffen Packshot

Valori nutriționale și toleranțe

ø 100g O unitate ø 14g %GDA* (14g)
Valoare energetică 390 kcal 54 kcal 3
Grăsimi 11g 1,5g 2
din care acizi grași saturați 6,5g 0,9g
Glucide 71g 9,9g 4
din care zaharuri 53g 7,4g 8
Proteine 1,7g 0,2g <1
Sare 0,02g <0,01g <1
Carbohidrați 5,60 BE BE
Fibre 2,6
  • fără lactate
  • fără nuci
  • fără gluten
  • fără soia
  • fără lactoză
  • fără ou
  • vegan
  • vegetarian