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Casali Shot of the year Rum-Kokos Banane_Banner

Have you discovered it yet?

The popular Casali rum coconut balls are now available as a limited edition in the trendy white chocolate flavour with fruity banana. Real rum from sugar cane provides the usual exotic rum-coconut pleasure, while the liquid centre is coated with fine coconut flakes and melt-in-the-mouth white chocolate with the delicate taste of delicious banana.



Chocolate Banana

Simply enjoying FAIR(TRADE)! Fruit foam of bananas in delightful chocolate cover. Only the original of Casali is so tender. Can you already taste the crunchy chocolate? Are the fruity-tender Fairtrade bananas already melting on your tongue?



An unique combination of milk chocolate, coconut and rum for a multi-layer pleasure experience. Let the rum made of sugar cane and the chocolate made of cocoa from our own roasting melt on the tongue.


Feel the joy of life with Casali