Shot of the Year Rum-Coconut Cuba Libre

Summer, sun, beach & Shot of the Year!

Casali delivers a fruity and refreshing change for all rum and coconut lovers. Because the popular balls are now available, for a limited time only, in the new Cuba Libre flavour!
Get a dose of that summer feeling, whenever you need it!

SOTY Slider Cuba Libre

Casali Waves

Hear that sound?
It’s the perfect wave! Casali Waves.
Fruity coconut and pineapple flavour covered in crunchy chocolate.
What are you waiting for?
Hop on board and surf with us!
We’re all on Casali!

CAS Waves

Chocolate Banana

Mmmm! Finally!
The chocolate bananas are ripe.
Smooth banana cream, with a wafer-thin shell of crunchy chocolate.
And what makes them particularly good: Fairtrade – whatever it takes.
Pick a bunch now!
We’re all on Casali!

CAS SB 300g


Can you feel the rhythm?
That’s the groove of the Rum Coconuts.
Coconut in chocolate icing with a liquid centre of real rum made from sugar cane.
The original Rum Coconuts from Casali are sure to get your taste buds dancing.
Join the groove!
We’re all on Casali!

RK Startseite


Finally, it’s here! We’ve been waiting a long time. The weather looks good. 365-day forecast: summer heat. Check in quick – and enjoy the full array. Chill out on Chocolate Banana beach. Then maybe enjoy some action on the Waves Coast. The waves are perfect! And in the evening we could hang out together at the Rum Coconut beach bar. Breathe in the rhythm and dance into the sunset. The island of Casali is a unique place. You won’t find it on any map. But the way there is safely stored in your mind. Come and pick the delicious fruits of this island. 
We’re all at Casali!

Casali Kampagnenstory
Casali Kampagnenstory

Discover the diversity of Casali

Aside from the classic Chocolate Banana and Rum Coconuts products, Casali also offers other aerated confectionery and sugar-coated treats that come in a variety of flavours. Have you tried them all yet?