Casali Chocolate Bananas are at their best. With the FAIRTRADE quality label, we guarantee that the raw materials for our Casali Chocolate Bananas such as bananas, chocolate and sugar are purchased exclusively on FAIRTRADE conditions.


Fair enjoyment is twice as good

By using the FAIRTRADE quality seal, we commit ourselves to adhere to the FAIRTRADE standards, the binding rules of FAIRTRADE. This requires small farmers' cooperatives, plantations and companies along the entire value chain to meet the minimum social, ecological and economic requirements in order to ensure the sustainable development of producer organizations in the so-called developing countries.

The managing director of FAIRTRADE Austria, Mag. Hartwig Kirner, is also enthusiastic: "Casali sets a sign with FAIRTRADE Chocolate Bananas and Double Choc for more justice. This will make an active contribution to improving the living and working conditions of people in so-called developing countries. Because in addition to a minimum price, which serves as a safety net against fluctuating world market prices down, also the FAIRTRADE premium is paid. The latter flows into important community projects such as the construction of new schools or hospitals. This is how sustainable development is taking place, and I welcome the commitment of the traditional Austrian company to create fairer trade structures. "Since then, the All-that-can-be-FAIRTRADE quality seal has graced the packaging of the Chocolate Banana Range. “All that can be" means that every ingredient available in FAIRTRADE quality will also be sourced from us. More at:

Casali Fairtrade Insel Schoko-Bananen