The History of Casali

The roots of Casali date back to the year 1792. For over 200 years, the delicacies of Casali bring joie de vivre into everyday life. Discover more about the exciting development and the long history of Casali ...

A story of zest for life

1792 Triest


Joseph Casali founded his company in Trieste in 1792. From the very beginning, Casali was known for his zest for life. He made rum and punch for the aristocracy. Soon, the spirits and liqueurs of Casali were sold throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The imperial court in Vienna had also acquired a taste for this zest for life.

1811 Übersiedlung


In 1811, his son Julian Casali moved the Casali spirits and liqueur factory to the imperial city of Vienna. An event that caused a great stir and can still be read about in Viennese newspaper archives today. The factory was built in today's Margaretenstraße 91, in the 5th district of Vienna. From here, Casali supplied the whole of Vienna and Austria with zest for life



In 1913, the company was sold to Adolf Beer. A new chapter in Casali's zest for life commenced. The Beer family expanded the products to include confectionery. Casali began to produce chocolate bananas and other sweets.

1935 Bonbonniere

Extended product range

In 1935, the company moved to a larger building at Favoriten. The range now included waffles, biscuits and chocolates.

1948 Napoli LKW


He founded the company Napoli in 1948.

1955 Casali Bonbons

Sale of Casali

The factory was badly damaged during the Second World War. After the end of the war, the company was restituted to the Beer family, who sold Casali to Franz Andres in 1955. He merged both companies to form Casali-Napoli. This is how Austria's second largest confectionery manufacturer came into being, second only to the family-owned company Manner.

Manner Unternehmenslogo


In 1970, Casali-Napoli was finally bought by Manner, which made the family business Austria's market leader in sweet delights, putting a smile on everyone’s face every day ever since.